25th International Conference on Paste, Thickened and Filtered Tailings
29 April – 3 May 2023 | Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, Alberta, Canada

Backfill Instrumentation Short Course

29 April 2023 | Alberta, Canada


The short course on backfill instrumentation will be delivered in one day by a team of world class of world class geotechnical engineering, ground control, and instrumentation experts.

The course content will cover all phases of a backfill monitoring program:

  • Instrumentation clusters 
  • Instrumentation installation procedures
  • Data acquisition and Processing the data
  • Case Studies

The content covered will provide participants with the fundaments for applying instrumentation for mining backfill operations. • Target Audience: Ground Control Personal and Backfill Controllers

Course Material will be complimented by the presentation of numerous case studies including:

  • Instrumentation program to support a mine to transition from stage backfilling to continuous pouring with paste backfill
  • Instrumentation program to support a decreasing exclusion zones sizes and time requirements
  • An Instrumentation Cluster (Cage of TEPC and Piezo instruments)

Course Facilitator:

Alexandre Cosentino

Alexandre Cosentino, Eng., Director of Projects at GKM Consultants has developed a consultation expertise in geotechnical and structural behavior analysis in projects such as large tunnel excavation and tailing dams. He gained extensive experience in managing and delivering important geotechnical monitoring projects from planning, coordinating, and executing field work.

Course Facilitator:

Jeffrey Oke

Dr. Jeffrey Oke has over 7 years of geotechnical engineering experience in the mining and civil industries. He has specialized expertise in geotechnical characterization, ground support design for weak and hard rock masses, and mine backfill. Dr. Oke worked closely with numerous operations since 2015 to optimize backfilling efficiency through in-situ backfill monitoring and measurement of backfill pressures acting on barricades. Dr. Oke has work for the following mine sites related to backfill and barricades designs:

• Continental Gold, • Cormidom Mine, • Cozamin Mine Creighton Mine, • Del Toro, • Dolinnoye, • Kazzinc, • Leeville Mine, • Mayskoye, • McIlvenna Bay, • Nickel Rim South, • Pumpkin Hollow, • Red Lake Operations, • Sugar Zone Mine, • Totten Mine, and • Westwood Mine